Face Place Iderm Acne Course Deep Clean

A course to target problem skin in particular acne or dry patches. This is not suitable for everyone so please contact us to discuss your skin needs

The Face Place Iderm Deep Clean is a course of 6 or 10 weekly treatments combining both positive and negative currents. This Course of treatments is ideal for people suffering from acne, dry or heavily congested skin.


The first half of the course we get on top of the toxins, bacteria, and compacted sebum in your pores. We use a negative current with a solution which in combination creates a process called saponification deep in the pores, an alkali reaction breaks oils into lye the components of soap which allows a deep extraction and antibacterial effects. This treatment softens the skin's tissue so over the course we can get deeper.


Once we are on top of the skin's congestion and dry patches we then start using our signature treatments to keep on top of the extraction, but also to re-firm up skin tissue and contract the pores.

We combine this with a powerful LED session to help the skin heal.

1 hr 25 min  per session.

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Signature Treatment
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Deep clean - Softening the dermis and saponification allows a thorough extraction and exfoliation 

Nourish - Nutrients are drawn into the deep dermis through iontophoresis


Cellular - The galvanic current changes properties at a cellular level, firming, and boosting cell renewal. Anti bacterial reactions occur deep in the dermis