We know that it’s not just about keeping our clients and team safe, but all our loved ones and anyone we come into contact with. The proven medical science behind our treatments means they have always had strong antibacterial properties, cleaning and nourishing the skin's deep subcutaneous tissues; we have always had PPE on site but now we are taking it up a gear.

As always


  • We use sterile bandages and solutions;

  • Our heat dome and “the mask” is treated with antibacterial solutions;

  • We have PPE masks and gloves;

  • Our treatment takes a medical approach strong in antibacterial properties, delivering unrivalled immediate and lasting results (see our science);

  • All materials are changed and sterilised for each treatment.

Our new approach


  • We will send you a text message if we are running late. This way you will not have to wait in the reception area should you wish not to;

  • All touch points will have an antibacterial clean in between treatments;

  • We have additional PPE available upon request including gloves (hypoallergenic) through the entire treatment and a face shield on top of the mask.


Our wonderful aestheticians


All our team have higher level vocational qualifications, ongoing CPD and a wealth of experience. In addition, they have:


  • Taken our own training;

  • Recognised external PPE and have had safety training

  • PPE and safety training from both Harvey Nichols and Rosewood London;

  • Refresher treatment and product training ensuring that we are all delivering the highest level of treatment and care.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch