A personal note during lockdown

A reflection on lockdown and some personal good news in an upside down world.

As we are beginning to see some relaxation of lockdown, we thought it would be a good time to send you all a personal update from our Face Place family. Many of you know that Face Place is a modern take on a family business. In our birthplace in West Hollywood the business is owned and run by husband and husband couple Tony and Paul. Here in the UK, I run the business with my partner James. As a transatlantic business partnership, we are all quite used to video calls, often including Tony’s Mama too, who keeps us entertained with dancing and recipes for classic home cooked Italian food!

On March 10th James and I welcomed a new addition to our combined family of four boys. Solomon "Solly" was born in Croydon University Hospital, a healthy baby boy weighing 7lb 7oz. During the labour, we snuck out of hospital ("just popping to the hospital Costa”), to have an excellent curry in Thornton Heath. Little did we know that it would be the last time we would eat out for the foreseeable future.

As we came home from hospital many businesses were closing, and just a week later the UK was locking down.As government unveiled its support, we were lucky that all of our skin specialists/estheticians were able to take advantage of either the furlough scheme or self-employed income support schemes - a big relief - meaning we have been able to keep all of our excellent and experienced team.

Over the last three months alongside the zoom meetings, cycle rides, home-schooling and nappies, we have been busy planning ways in which we can re-open safely, such as:  

Reviewing the medical science behind the treatment, which makes it highly antibacterial in its own right. You can read about the in our toolbar. 

Reviewing our process to manage all touch points. Since 1972 we have always had PPE on site but we are now researching the most effective face screens and masks.

Working with our partners Rosewood London and Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge to ensure the entire experience is managed well.

Following guidance issued by UK international bodies, carrying out consumer research and speaking to some of you to ensure we not only comply with the guidelines, but also take into account our communities’ feelings.

It's looking likely we will be re-opening at Harvey Nichols on July 4th and Rosewood London from September/October, however this will be down to the government guidance, as well as the management of these two excellent locations. Surveys from organisations ranging from Kantar Consulting to Mintel suggest that a spa treatment is the most highly anticipated treat for many of us, so hopefully we will be seeing many familiar faces before too long. We will update you shortly to confirm the opening of our diaries and details of the measures in place.We always love hearing from our friends of Face Place and during these strange times we have been so grateful for those of you who have been in touch to say hello, ask when we might open and check we are OK. It really has made us more motivated than ever to deliver our mission for our clients of clean, clear and healthy skin.